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It’s that time of year again, when hundreds of thousands of dancers, instructors, parents, and other spectators cram into auditoriums, gymnasiums, and theaters all over the country for one sole purpose: DANCE COMPETITIONS.  Dancers and instructors work hard all season improving their technique, choreographing, stretching, training, sweating, rehearsing, falling down, jumping back up, leaping, lunging, breathing (hard), and perfecting their routines.  All for the thrill of PERFORMANCE.

Dancers dance because of the feeling they feel when freedom meets expression.  When movement meets emotion.  When their heart pours out on stage and is picked up and held by the hands and hearts of their audience.  Although shows like “Dance Moms” make us out to be machine-like super humans who only care about winning, this is hardly true for the majority of the dancers in the world.  Winning has nothing to do with our passion for dance.  In fact, it is more like the…

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