Picture week is coming up FAST!!  Costumes have been sent home, routines are in their final stages of completion and perfection, and buzz of the recital is heard nightly at the studio.  Picture day happens just once-a-year, meaning you only get ONE SHOT at getting the photos you want, and will actually enjoy passing out to your friends and family.

Keeping this fun and exciting day stress-free can be tricky…. unless you take a few easy and very important steps that will have you and your dancer(s) smiling from ear-to-ear!

  1. Picture Forms will be available at least a week in advance.  Please make sure that you pick one up, look it over, and decide which package you would like to purchase BEFORE you come on Picture Day.  If you have more than one dance, you will need a Picture Form for each costume you are photographed in.
  2. Have your Picture Form filled out, completely, with your payment (Check or Cash Only) enclosed in the envelope.
  3. Prepare your costume(s) for Picture Day in advance!  Be sure that you have all of the costume pieces originally included with your costume as well as the correct tights, shoes, and other accessories.  If you are missing something, please contact your Studio Director IMMEDIATELY so that they may try to locate the missing items or find a replacement.  Also, be sure that your costume(s) are wrinkle-free and hung neatly, preferably in a garment bag of some kind to prevent any accidental stains.  HELPFUL HINT:  Remember to label all of your costume pieces, shoes, tights, and accessories with your dancer(s)’s first and last name!!
  4. Check with your Studio Director to find out instructions on Hair and Make-Up.  Here at ECSOD, Hair and Make-Up can be worn however you choose on Picture Day!!  Please have a plan and come to your scheduled picture time with your Hair and Make-Up already completed.
  5. While photos are being staged and taken, ONLY Photographers, Instructors, and Dancers are allowed in the room.  Photos will be professionally posed by the Photographers and the Instructors ONLY!  If you have a special request for your dancer(s)’s individual photo, please include a note on your Picture Form, or speak with your Studio Director IN ADVANCE!  Thank you!!
  6. Last, but certainly not least, HAVE FUN!!  BE POSITIVE and enjoy this exciting day at the studio!  Pictures last a lifetime so remember to SMILE BIG and let your love for dance SHINE through in your dance photos!!

Happy Dancing!!  Smile Big!!

~ Miki Hegg, Assistant Director, ECSOD


About eauclaireschoolofdance

The Eau Claire School of Dance has been providing professional quality dance instruction to students ages 18 months to Adult for over 13 years! Join our dance family today!

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  1. Sarah S. says:

    I LOVE the photo you used for that!! Where is that one from?

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