Put yourself in the audience at a dance production: a ballet, a dance recital, an open audition.  While watching the many amazingly talented performers, your eye is drawn to that one dancer who has something the others don’t.  What is it?  A higher developpe?  A perfect pirouette?  A brighter smile??  No, no, no…  While these may all be true,  these performers catch your eye for a different reason.  Something that only they possess.  Something that is different than any other dancer in the world.  What is it, you ask?

INDIVIDUALITY.  UNIQUENESS.  Every great dancer there is and ever was has their own style and stellar quality to their movement.  In order to stand out in the sea of robot, army-like dancers, who all dance the same and try to look and move like each other, you need to BE YOURSELF!!  Dance how YOU want to dance.  Feel the movement how YOU feel it best.  And never try to assimilate into another’s unique style.  Yes, it is good to admire a dancer and look up to them.  Yes, it is good to set goals and strive to dance on the same level as your peers and role models.  But to become the best dancer that you can be, you must find the qualities in your own movement that make you the dancer, and person that you are.  Far too many dancers never realize their full potential because they think or feel that they don’t fit into the stereotyped notion of what a dancer is “supposed” to be.  Don’t let this be you!!

Think of all of the great dancers in the world, past and present:  Fred Astaire and his totally cool and smooth style, Margot Fonteyn’s extraordinarily pure lines, Mikhail Baryshnikov’s physical strength and power of movement, and Mia Michael’s animalistic and intricate dynamism.  Each got to where they are in the world of dance by being themselves and being their own dancer.  And, of course, with the help of PASSION.

Be yourself to be noticed.  In dance and in everything you do.  Don’t try to be like anybody else.  Let your own uniqueness shine through.  ❤

Happy Dancing!

~ Miki Hegg, Assistant Director, ECSOD


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  1. Sarah Strate says:

    Wow – that leap is amazing!!!

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