Raise your hand if you feel overwhelmed with the everyday stressors in your life.  Raise your other hand if you have abused your body with everyday items such as soda, house cleaning chemicals, and even regular doses of air pollution.  Now, wave those raised hands around in big crazy circles if you could use an energy boost.  OH MY, YOU’RE DANCING!!

Believe it or not, getting up and moving your body around –arms, legs, head, hips– which ever way you choose can be very powerful and therapeutic for your body, mind, and soul.  Expressing your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through movement makes for a fun, heart-pumping form of releasing stress by clearing your mind and simply moving your body.  Literally DANCING away your worries!!  It doesn’t matter what you look like, it only matters how it feels.

While you are dancing about, releasing your stressors, you may notice that your body has begun to sweat.  Since when did exercising become FUN??  Anyway, your body sweats in an attempt to cool your body down.  But this isn’t the only benefit of sweat…  Sweating is also a way for our body to get rid of toxins in our system.  A sort of “housecleaning” for our bodies’ cells.  Click Here for a great article on this very process!! 

And if THAT isn’t enough to get you movin’ and groovin’, don’t let us forget the ENERGY boost we get from exercise…  raising your heart rate, releasing endorphins, and pumping up your metabolism are all benefits of exercise that, in turn, boost your energy for the remainder of your day.  🙂

So what are you waiting for??  Get up and DANCE!!!

**If you live near us in Eau Claire, WI, come join our Expressive Movement Dance Class, the 1st Saturday of each month @ 10:00am beginning Saturday, February 4th.  Only $10 per class!  Hope to see you there!!

Happy Dancing!!

~ Miki Hegg, Assistant Director, ECSOD


About eauclaireschoolofdance

The Eau Claire School of Dance has been providing professional quality dance instruction to students ages 18 months to Adult for over 13 years! Join our dance family today!

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