As dancers, we’re used to wearing things that are completely uncomfortable: tights, dance belts (for the guys), itchy costumes, pointe shoes, and of course– leotards!  It can be very difficult to find a leotard that fits correctly, doesn’t constantly live ‘up your butt’, and that is actually comfortable to wear.

So I did some research (both by scouring through leo reviews and from personal experience) to find the the most comfortable, yet attractive and affordable leotards out there.

Here’s what I came up with:

I hope this helps in your search for the perfect, affordable, attractive, and comfortable leotard!  As dancers, we need all the help we can get when it comes to comfort– it’s important for us to be able to focus on class or rehearsal instead of having to pull our leo up or out of our butt every 5 minutes!  🙂

Happy Dancing!

~ Miki Hegg, Assistant Director, ECSOD


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  1. This was so helpful. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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