BRRRRRRR!!!  Living in the midwest, we deal with cool to frigid temperatures for a great majority of each year (generally from October thru April).  We have been pretty lucky this fall, as I was able to withhold from hauling out my winter jacket and fleece-lined boots until this morning, when temps were well below freezing.

As our warm-weather days begin to diminish and disappear (at least until Spring), we need to remember the importance of warming-up before we bust a move on the dance floor.  Our bodies need time to get the ‘juices’ flowing and to become more pliable in order to prevent strains, sprains, and tears.  Now more than ever, our muscles and ligaments are tight and cold as class begins, so be sure to warm-up properly to keep them happy and healthy!

A few tips for dance class this Winter:

  • Dress warm:  you can always take layers off as your body heats up. (ex: leg warmers, sweat pants, sweatshirt, warm-up jacket)
  • Arrive early:  although we warm-up at the beginning of each class, take a few moments to start this process BEFORE class begins, as temperatures outside affect the amount of time your body needs to get warm up.
  • Sip hot tea, or slurp up some soup before class:  having warm liquids in your body will help speed-up the warm-up process!

Here is a link to a great article on “The Importance of Warming Up andCooling Down” by Stephen Gareth Carter .  Check it out!!

~ Miki Hegg, Assistant Director, ECSOD


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  1. Thomas Moore says:

    Warming up before technique classes is so important especially with the temperature changes. I try to get to my classes like 30 minutes before and do some crunches, lunges and other stretches to loosen my tiger grip hamstrings. Warming up before class also gets you into the mindset to take a good class. Great tips 🙂

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